Casual Cowards 24 – Super Mario Brothers 3

Episode 24 – The Victorian Attitude

So, here we are Internet.  Another week has passed and what have you done with your life?  We aren’t really proud of ourselves, but we did manage to bang out another episode for the viewing pleasure of your ears.  What game did run a’ground, you ask?  None other than Super Mario Brothers 3.  It’s nothing but Tanooki suits and Gooma’s Shoes from here on out.  While we have already done episodes on Super Mario Brothers 2 / Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario World, you knew that this episode was coming.  We are in our 30s, we all owned the NES and this game was the pinnacle of the Super Mario Brothers franchise at the time.  There were new power ups, there was a new level system, and rather than there being a princess in another castle, there were reptile children flying airships around morphing kings into random animals of the Mushroom Kingdom.

While we really want to say that we had a lot of gaming news to talk about, we did debate the potential Twitch buyout by Google, which we are split on.  We also spent way too much time talking about the child molester from the movie, the Wizard.  He had a Power Glove, the ego, and the commercial that you can find on YouTube that declares that everything else is child’s play…  Rian, who is bold enough to consider himself the the “smart” one, likes to pronounce the word omnipotent, “omni pōtnt.”  If that isn’t funny, you should apologize to the English language for not understanding it’s phonetics.  Anyway, we really don’t do this game justice, but we had a good time talking about it.  Get ready to toot your warp flute and enjoy the 24th episode (almost one year, bitch) of the Casual Cowards of Gaming!!

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