Casual Cowards 56 – Mr. Mario’s Wild Ride

Episode 56 – Mr. Mario’s Wild Ride


Well you asked for it and it’s finally here. Nintendo is collaborating with Universal Studios to bring us Nintendo themed rides and games. I’m sure it will be severely disappointing. They’ve already brought us Silent Hill and Resident Evil themed attractions so maybe they won’t fuck it up. In other news, EA continues to drop bad news about Star Wars Battlefront. It’s almost like they don’t want people to play this game. The Void brings a fully 4D gaming experience like the world has never seen…to suburban Salt Lake City, Utah. We hope there’s a game where you get to ride a bike in a poverty stricken neighborhood and knock on strangers doors while they’re trying to eat dinner. Fun!


And then there’s all the Grand Theft Auto 5 drama. Guess what, there will still be mods, so get your panties untwisted and get ready to shoot cops as a machine gun wielding kitten. We finally got in some online action and can honestly say this is one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve had so far this year. So hop it, equip your flare gun, and enjoy Episode 56 of The Casual Cowards of Gaming.


Watch it on YouTube HERE.


DJ Cutman



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