Eat a Dick

Episode 3 – Eat a Dick

Episode 3 – Eat a Dick

It’s no secret that Charles dislikes a lot of the things that Rian and Chester love. That’s why we keep him around – not because he’s intelligent or funny! However, there are a lot of things that we can all agree on, like telling certain companies and corporations to eat a dick.

We start a new segment this week, in which we drink awful beer. I’m calling it “Good Swill Hunting” until we come up with something better. We also discuss Kingsman: The Golden Circle and ask the age old question, “What would you elbow an old lady for?”

This week’s Eat a Dick contestants are Nintendo, GameStop, and Amazon.


  1. Go to right now for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. Enter code 69420XXX for a chance to win a used Switch and Zelda. Also taco bell should eat a dick for never giving enough hot sauce with your order.

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