double dragon

Casual Cowards 11.1 – Double Dragon

Episode 11.1 – Billy, Jimmy and Sarah Lee.

Alright, we know that their(?) girlfriend was named Marian!  They could have added so many more layers of story if there’d been a possibility of pie at the end of the game, though.  Oh, what’s that? Her last name also would not have been “Lee“?  Okay, big shot: you come up with a witty intro for Double Dragon!  Anyways, in this installment of our bite-sized Pointcast we dive fist first into the beat ’em up adventure Double Dragon.  Much like Street Fighter II, this game had many reiterations (our favorite being for the Atari 2600).  Seriously, if you had an NES, you either owned this game or you borrowed it from a friend and never gave it back.  Serves him right!  If he’d wanted it, he’d have come after it!

The game had  a sudden difficulty curve around Level 4, but we just kept coming back for more.  Along with solid game play mechanics, you could even level up, or learn new abilities as you mowed through the evenly paced waves of unique and varied enemies.  New Grounds even hosts a flash game starring the villain Abobo as he searches to find his kidnapped son.  Like every popular game from the late 80’s and early 90’s, they made a horrible movie about it, which still seems to be a trend today.  Nevertheless, Double Dragon worked great for one of our little nuggets of gaming gibberish.  Sit back and enjoy Episode 11.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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