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Casual Cowards 18 – Earthworm Jim 1 and 2… and Maybe some of the Cartoon

Episode 18 – Dirk’s and Idiot (Yes “and”)

This will be the episode of atonement and Earthworm Jim.  Also, we are continuing to give away free stuff.  First off – congratulations to @gellis for winning our Grid 2 giveaway; we’re going to be throwing a free shirt and stickers at you as well, so good on ya!!  For the rest of you, we are going to be doing a similar giveaway 3/2/2014 through 3/14/2014.  Hop on over to our Twitter page, and find our post about giving away a free game and re-tweet it.  Win this contest and we’ll give you a copy of F1 2013 for the Xbox 360, a Codemasters shirt, and a bunch of stickers from both Codemasters and ourselves.  Because the game came directly from Codemasters in England, it is a PAL version, but hey, it’s free.

We discuss the insanity simulator that is Earthworm Jim 1, 2 and the Warner Bros. cartoon.  66.67% of the the Casual Cowards were not fans of Earthworm Jim, but Rian LOVED this crazy ass game.  While Chester and Dirk weren’t huge fans of the game, it was not because the game wasn’t funny (because it was), but because it is really, really hard.  The cast of characters was off the wall.  Taken Queen Pulsating Bloated Festering Sweaty Puss-Filled Malformed Slug for a Butt for instance.  We could really just start making up names at this point, but we have too much integrity.  For those who have a tenuous grasp on reality, we would really like for you to pick up these games, because they will throw you over the edge of sanity.  Did we mention that they are REALLY hard…?

Other than Earthworm Jim, we discussed the many ways that Lara Croft can die; how incompetent Dirk is (check the title); and the new Steam machines that are getting ready for production.  It’s true, we always try to keep things light, but it’s sad times for us because Harold Ramis and Philip Seymour Hoffman are no longer with us. Our Spanish is terrible, and we can’t wait to hear about it, so sit back and enjoy the 18th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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