Casual Cowards 2 – Mega Man 2

Episode 2: Get Equipped!

What do eight Robot Masters, two white-haired scientists, an awesome 8-bit soundtrack, and an ambiguous man/boy robot have in common? Obviously we’re talking about Mega Man 2, silly!  It’s the “Choose your Own Adventure” book of games where you get to choose between the Brady Bunch panel of bad guys, with Dr. Wily as Alice, cleaning up.  Which Robot Master was your first? Crash Man, Metal Man, Flash Man? Or do you take on the dreaded Quick Man stage with those god awful lasers? If you do, you’re a better man than I.

Showing up in most online top ten NES games lists and boasting a challenging and rewarding platform experience, this is a game that everyone has stories about… except Rian.  Which power up is most effective for each Robot Master? How do you reach that elevated energy tank? And how the hell did we figure this game out before the Internet?  We bring in special guest Ryan the Lou until Skype shits the bed and we lose him.  Today we’ll talk about Rian’s rage quitting, Lou’s insight on Nintendo Power, Dirk’s confusion of Crash Man and Flash Man, and the debate over robot errors and honoki cypress.

So join us as we get ready to mow through some of the most memorable Robot Masters and the march up to Castle Greyskull… er… Dr. Wily’s Castle.  Enjoy the second episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming: Mega Man 2.

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