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Casual Cowards 54 – The Boys Are Back In Town

Episode 54 – The Boys Are Back In Town


Well, we’re finally all back, in the same room, at the same time. I know it’s hard to believe being the jet setters that we are but we make time for the important things. Like arguing the merits of paid mods on Steam. The internet’s been in an uproar all week so we figured we’d get into the spirit cross swords on the subject. Also, we talk about World of Warcraft for at least 38 seconds! How excited are you?!

Watch it on YouTube HERE.


DJ Cutman


  1. Both my comments are towards Dirk. I’m surprised that you did not bring up Day-Z and how much it increased sales of Arma II to support your argument that mods already profit the original game developer. The other point is that you said Star Wars has only delivered on 3 occasions for the hype for their games and why should we let ourselves get excited for Battlefront 3. I would say because 2 of those 3 occasions were Battlefront 1 and 2. Each one became the highest selling Star Wars game with their releases. Last general comment, removing space battles sucks…

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