Casual Cowards 60 – Chester of Rivia

Episode 60 – Chester of Rivia.

Kind of wishing E3 would happen already so that we can have something to talk about. The new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer has a new Muse song in it. Joy? That’s what made the news this week. Hopefully E3 will be filled with splendors beyond imagination so we can get back on track and start talking about something that actually happened. Or, we could just play video games and forget about what’s happening in the real world. I think I like that option better. At least Chester got in some Witcher 2, and Charles played Witcher 3. Rian just sat around and realized he’s in that special place where he’s too old to play all of the cool games out there, but too young to not care about games. It’s a magical time in ones life. And OH, DID YOU SEE THE TRAILER FOR FALLOUT 4?!?. OMFGWTFSPIDF. Not our reaction exactly, but it happened, and you seem to be excited about a dog looking for food in an empty house, so what the hell, we’ll talk about it.



DJ Cutman

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