Casual Cowards 62 – Fourth of July Explodaganzapalooza

Episode 62 – Fourth of July Explodaganzapalooza – That’s one hell of a Scrabble word. We’re back! After a short hiatus due to technical difficulties we’re back to fill your soft little brains with all of the goings on of the the week. The Batman debacle, the long forgotton Nintendo Playstation, something…burpy, it’s all here! We’d like to say a very thsuper congratulations to the gays, may your divorce rates rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. And happy birthday America, you’ve come a long way baby. So sit back, grab a big handful of The American Thickburger (don’t click that if you value your sanity) and enjoy Episode 62 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.



DJ Cutman

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