Casual Cowards 62 – Fourth of July Explodaganzapalooza

Episode 62 – Fourth of July Explodaganzapalooza – That’s one hell of a Scrabble word. We’re back! After a short hiatus due to technical difficulties we’re back to fill your soft little brains with all of the goings on of the the¬†week. The Batman debacle, the long forgotton¬†Nintendo Playstation, something…burpy, it’s all here! We’d like to say a very thsuper congratulations to the gays, may your divorce rates rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. And happy birthday America, you’ve come a long way baby. So sit back, grab a big handful of The American Thickburger (don’t click that if you value your sanity) and enjoy Episode 62 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.



DJ Cutman

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