Casual Cowards 68 – Space Games

Space Games: The Final Frontier… Well, we finally painted ourselves into a corner with this video game podcast thing.  We went almost a full two weeks without playing any game outside of mobile games, which everyone should go out and Aldo’s Adventure because that game is fun as shit, and Chester went back to Cave Story.  We pretty much blew through our entire “news” section in record time and incorrectly reported on how Pokken Tournament is Pokemon Tournament and discovered that we haven’t played any of the top selling games from March.  There was some talk about the new God of War (which is 100% not real) and how it probably is one big gay joke.  Rian and Dirk also disagree on Lizard Squad shutting down Blizzard’s servers as a backlash from shutting down the Nostalrius server.   Dirk got voted down on this one because normal paying customers of were the collateral damage.  And, SHOCKER, the release of Quantum Break was broken and full of glitches, some of which would prevent people from even downloading the game after purchase.

After we stumbled through the limited gaming news we had, we decided to talk about space games.  And by space games, we mean actual theoretical space travel that Stephen Hawkins and a Russian billionaire are about to play in real life.  They we talk about how we don’t understand any of it, but the interstellar war will be started in the next few years, so get ready!!  Chester also talked about listening to stars, and we talked about how awesome the Glock Nintendo Zapper and how stupid the Internet is because of the controversy that thing created.  Seriously, it is a one off absolutely awesome creation that any Republican gamer would KILL FOR!!  Dirk also made a deal to trade an NES RF adapter for a six pack of beer.  That’s all we got for you, so sit back and enjoy Episode 68 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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