Casual Cowards 86 – Inside Man

Episode 86 – Inside Man

Charles is out celebrating his birthday this week, but fear not!  We wouldn’t dream of subjecting your supple young minds to another episode with just Rian and Chester!  Not again!  Instead we brought in locally based video game reporting guru, Marc Villa, Editor-in-Chief of

As per usual we kick things off by talking about what we’ve been up to.  Chester talks about his recent discovery of the 8-bit series.  A collection of wonderfully crafted tributes to some of the 90’s best real time strategy games.  Speaking of the 90’s: the boys reminisce about their old friend Vincent Time Machine.  We can’t help but wonder what he’s up to these days.  Chester then tries to share his enthusiasm for the new Keanu Reeves vehicle, John Wick 2, without revealing too much about the movie.  It’s not easy to do.  Rian and Chester also discuss their adventures in Viscera Cleanup Detail and Conan: Exiles.

After Chester talks about himself for 15 minutes, we get to learn all about our new friend Marc, the proprietor of!  He reveals his plans to let the website – his pride and joy – fade away into obscurity.  Left by the side of the road like the dehydrated, desert cooked, flattened corpse of a careless coyote.  Why?  So he can return to his roots as a simple migrant worker, drifting from town to town, going wherever the work is (which happens to be right now).

Switch Hitter

The next part came as a total surprise to Rian and Chester, both of whom have expressed quite a bit of disdain for a certain Japanese game developer.  I believe they’ve even gone so far as to tell the company to eat 4 or 5 dicks, all in one sitting!  The last thing they expected was to be playing with a brand new Nintendo Switch.  And less than 24 hours after the system’s launch!  Marc was gracious enough to bring his in after he “inherited” an acquaintance’s pre-order from another company that the Cowards aren’t so wild about – GameStop.  Okay, so nobodies perfect… get off of Marc’s back… it’s probably slippery, anyways.

Next, Marc tells us all about the new Zelda title, Breath of the Wild.  The internet is going fucking crazy over this game, which for some reason contains some Nintendo Switch product placement.  It’s so meta…. (gag).  He also gives Rian some suggestions on which PS4 games to play.

Finally, Marc talks about his experience as a video game reporter and gives some much needed advice to Rian and Chester.

Today’s guest is Marc Villa, Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation Insider and a staff writer for Dual Shockers

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