Casual Cowards 90 – Mass Effect Andromeda

Episode 90 – Mass Effect Andromeda

Welcome to Episode 89+1! Mass Effect Andromeda! This latest installation in the Mass Effect series, much like the cheese, stands alone. With an all new line-up of characters, plot points, and sex scenes, you could easily get away with skipping the first 3. As Scott or Sara Ryder, you lead the mission to colonize Andromeda, the Milky Way’s closest neighboring galaxy. Slip into your sexiest space suit and come on a journey of self discovery with the Casual Cowards.


Ego Stroking

To kick-off the show, we imagine a perfect world. A world where skating rinks and stripclubs co-exist under one roof. We also discuss the popular book Taking Over Your Own Third World Country For Dummies along with why Charles is so tickled with Ghost Recon: Wildlands. He also teaches us about bacon jam, the magical, spreadable, delectable, delight that’s sweeping the nation. Finally, Chester tells us why he is pleasantly surprised by the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series.


In this episode’s news section, we cover the digital market’s continuing take over of the video game industry, which is really just another excuse for Chester to tell GameStop to eat a dick (or three). Fuck GameStop. We also get sidetracked sharing our own personal May the 4th stories. We discuss Steam’s new game gifting policy, the NBA’s new eSports league, and Blizzard’s source code blunder. To wrap things up, we talk about Bethesda’s bullying of smaller developers when it comes to securing a trademark of the word “prey”. We hope that news of this dirty tactic hurts their sales, and look forward to giving our money and full support to the indy developer No Matter Studios and their upcoming title Praey for the Gods.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Finally, the meat and potatoes! We spend a good chunk of time talking about this wonderful new title from Bioware Austin. Doing a decent job of avoiding spoilers, Charles and Rian tell Chester why this game kicks so much ass. Seriously, Chester wasn’t even planning on playing this game but now he’s thinking about it. This sequel is set 600 years after the events in the original trilogy, which have nothing to do with the events in this installment. We’ll discuss resource gathering, sex scenes, and in true Casual Coward fashion – we’ll go off on some pretty wild tangents. I don’t want to give too much away, but Chester describes a pretty wild fantasy involving Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Predator. You won’t be able to un-hear this shit, but if I know you – you won’t want to.


  1. Thanks Guys for including me again in ya podcast.
    Fucking off Ki as always.
    Very funny
    I wanted to ask do you guys have a game with your listener on psn it be great to play some overwatch or the new tekken.
    On a question have you guys tried paladins by hi rez i know chesters a fan of smite and has played a lil bit of it.

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