Episode 4 -Still Reeling 4 – DeFIBrillator

Still Reeling – DeFIBrillator

We fire up another episode by playing our new game: Good Swill Hunting!  The new game where we torment ourselves by trying the worst beer we can find.  We found some really shitty beers this week and spent waaay too much time talking about them.  We’ll also learn all about Rian’s Stock Options, as well as how sandpaper is rated!

Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat | The Fort Collins Brewery
-“Like drinking one of those little disposable packets that you put in your garbage disposal.”
-“Like licking a sweaty flip flop.”
-“Like if somebody at Coor’s was like ‘Stop putting so much fucking sugar in the Blue Moon’.”
Nadia Kali Hibiscus Saison | Great Divide Brewing Company
-“Tastes like chicken stock.”
-“Orange juice that’s been in the fridge too long.”
-“Like drinking orange juice through a gym sock.”
To-Gose | Abita Brewing Co.
-“If someone covered a lemon wedge in lime flavored sugar powder.
-“Disgustingly sweet and sour at the same time.”
-“Like if I had a Corona, but instead of putting 1 lime in it, I put 17 limes in it.”

Finally, we’ll get to Chester’s idea for the dark comedy: Defibrillator! The story of the old hero with the young heart.

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