Episode 31 – New Computer, Who Dis?

Episode 31 – New Computer, Who Dis?

Honestly, we’re lucky this episode is even happening. See, Rian broke the computer while watching speed-runs and eating burritos. Fortunately for all of us, he managed to get it back into working order before recording day!

As usual, we kick things off by checking in with our heroes. Chester has spent his time off watching Black Lightning (he likes it!) and getting a Platinum trophy in God of War (he REALLY likes it!). A Lighter Shade of Charles (Lorenzo) has been playing the new South Park game in Indiana for some reason. Rian re-tiled his bathroom… yep.

This week’s bad beer segment is brought to you entirely by Chester. For Rian, we have Yeti Stout from Great Divide (it smells like silly string and tastes like burnt coffee). Lorenzo gets a Feisty Chihuahua from Sleepy Dog Brewery (it’s actually not bad – Chester chose it because of the name (he’s a racist)). Chester finishes the segment with a Hawaiian beer called… Lilikoi Kepolo from Avery Brewing in Colorado! An island beer coming straight out of the Rockies! Makes total sense!

CEO of GameStop Stops!

In some fun news for us, we find that the new CEO of GameStop is no longer the CEO of GameStop! After just 3 months in the position, he’s already resigned! I guess he couldn’t stomach eating all of those dicks that we [politely suggested] he eat.

In less exciting news, Walmart leaked some new releases from this years E3. Almost all of the leaked titles are sequels, which is all that thrilling. There’s a few titles that excite us, like Borderlands 3, and… that’s it. The rest of the titles are bleh.

Speaking of titles that are bleh, a real-world easter-egg was discovered in Destiny 2 through in-game-puzzles, which is pretty cool. It was discovered in upstate New York – effectively alienating 99.999% of the game’s client base. That’s good marketing!

Additionally, Belgium has passed some serious legislation concerning loot boxes. Because it’s gambling, it will soon be regulated by Belgium’s gaming commission. The organization will be given complete control over the “random” number generators, the odds of winning specific items will have to be displayed, as well as prohibiting the sale of loot boxes to minors.

Finally, the first trailer for the new Predator movie has been released and it does a great job of concealing how fucking terrible the movie is going to be. Seriously. The script for the movie was leaked and it sounds fucking terrible. You can read more on reddit here.


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