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Episode 33 – Free Range Cockroach Milk

Episode 33 – Free Range Cockroach Milk

Nap Time

It’s nap time in the studio this week, so we’re donning our P.J.s and breaking out the warm cockroach milk. As we wind down, we’ll discuss our week and all the things that happened to us. As per usual, Chester has been watching movies and playing games. This week, he saw “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. I’m not going to get into that very much, because it’s not a kind review. He’s also been playing TerraGenesis – a mobile game that simulates terraforming the planets and moons in our Solar System. Charles saw “Deadpool 2” and (surprise!) he didn’t like it. We’re not really surprised by this news, though, because Charles hates everything.

Rian still hasn’t finished grouting his bathroom because he was actually doing things worth telling us about. First among those things is seeing “Black Panther”. He liked it, but doesn’t understand why it was so popular. He also dealt with an almost-robbery. Someone was apparently robbing houses in his neighborhood and his house almost got hit. Luckily, a neighbor saw the suspicious character and called the police.

Good Swill Hunting

This week’s bad beers include Bud Light Orange, Daura Märzen imported from Spain, and and Wit(h) Passion, a passion fruit beer. The Bud Light Orange can best be described as an aggressively bland mixture of Bud Light mixed with Tand. The passion fruit beer smells like an open wound, but tastes like a fruit rind. Finally, the Daura Märzen beer, which Rian thought was gluten free, is actually “gluten removed”. It was brewed with grains, but may not contain gluten. They can’t be sure. Either way, it was a delicious balance of malt and hops.

As a rare treat, Charles subjects himself to a 2nd bad beer in the same episode! Briny Melon Gose from Anderson Valley, the saltiest beer ever made. When they said “briny” they weren’t lying. It’s like drinking a glass of ocean water that had a piece of watermelon soaking in it for a few minutes. This shit is fucking disgusting.

Cockroach Milk

Charles delivers a real gem to the group this week when he tells us all about this new hotness. Apparently the latest trend in “super foods” is harvesting crystallized protein by slicing open a specific breed of cockroach found only in Hawaii. The fun part is that there’s no proof that consuming this shit isn’t harmful to humans, yet. Good times.

More details about the upcoming “Bobba Fett” film have been announced, including the director – James Mangold, director of “Logan”. Will he live up to his name? This will lead to a discussion of the future of the Star Wars I.P. and Disney’s nefarious plan to make everyone hate Star Wars.

All this, and more, on this week’s You Guys are No Fun.

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