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Episode 7 – Inappropriate Things

Episode 7 – Inappropriate Things

Hollywood’s best kept secret is out – we say a lot of inappropriate things! Now that the rabbit is out of the hat, get ready for some creepy magic as we discuss the serious issues of the day. We hit the ground running this week when Rian tells the entire internet to eat a dick. That’s right, everyone on the internet has been added to our Eat a Dick List. What spurred this on? I’ll tell you. RockStar Games announced that there would be no new single player content for GTAV and the internet heaved a collective whine.

Before we play Good Swill Hunting, we’ll discuss the recent trend of charging micro-transactions for loot crates in every game under the sun and why we hate it. We’ll touch briefly on Ubipoints – Ubisoft’s out-of-game currency, used to reward fans of their games. Finally, Chester will share why he finally gave up on the Futurama mobile app and feels like he is owed more cartoons now.

As usual, we play Good Swill Hunting, the game where we drink disgusting beers. This week, however, there’s a twist: we drink them warm! What the fuck is wrong with us, you’re ask? A lot. On the menu tonight is 10 Barrel Cucumber Crush Sour, Boulevard Brewery Cranberry Orange Radler, and Ninkasi Brewing’s Sleigh’r Winter Ale.

After we’re done punishing ourselves for your enjoyment, Charles reveals that he punished himself on his own time by watching the Assassin’s Creed movie. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – this movie took the worst part of the series, the “real” world, and made you sit through 2 hours of it. The best part of the games – Murder Through Time – is thrown in as an after thought. Fuck this movie!

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