juggle balls

Episode 9 – Juggle Balls

Episode 9 – Juggle Balls

Juggle Balls is a sexually transmitted disease that results in both testicles rotating around each other, twisting the spermatic cords that bring blood to the scrotum. The reduced blood flow causes sudden and often severe pain and swelling, to the amusement of children everywhere.

This week the boys kick things off by discussing what it takes to become internet famous, so take notes, folks! These boys know what it takes! During another round of Good Swill Hunting, Chester and Rian exploit Charles’ hatred of watermelon, and Chester picks a ripe pun to share with the gang.

Next, Charles tells us about the people he judged at the recent Jay Z concert (white people). Naturally, that leads to a discussion about the racial ratio at your typical Phoenix rap concert. Rian regales us with tales of his symphonic odyssey at Symphony of the Goddesses, which features the music of (fucking) Zelda(!).

Chester and Charles try not to spoil Thor: Ragnarok for Rian, who probably won’t see the movie for another year anyways. He did, however, finally see Spider-Man: Homecoming (only 5 months later) They also discuss Jeff Goldblum’s ability to drop panties without the least bit of effort.

Later, Rian reveals his nefarious plan to make Bruce Campbell his daddy. As per usual, Charles Hates Everything, especially his new nickname: Chucky Mopes.

Finally, Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals abound! Keven Spacey, Steven Seagal, Louis C.K., and even Terry Crews (though not the way you’d think!).

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