Mortal Kombat

Casual Cowards 15 – Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3

Episode 15 – Home Fries and Fatalities.

Some people may read the title and ask “What the hell?  Why does Mortal Kombat get a full episode and Street Fighter II only got a Pointcast?”.  Well, if you’d taken a second to read the title of the episode, you’d have realized this episode is about three Mortal Kombat games!  So stop being such a dick!  Oh, and we brought Brandon back.  That’s right – if you remember Brandon from the Episode 9 on Diablo II, you remember that he’s a wealth of knowledge about video games that he loves.  And he loves Mortal Kombat.

Did you know that Noob Saibot was a reincarnated Sub Zero?  How about that the Cyborg Ninjas were created by Lin Kuei?  Or that Shao Khan was a cheating butthole who scammed Mortal Kombat  2 and 3 into existence because he couldn’t wait the preordained 50 years for the next tournament?  Well, we had no idea either, but Brandon did!  And he dropped all that knowledge on us, then walked off the stage like a boss.  Well, he would have if there weren’t four grown men packed into a tiny studio like a clown car.  And we had a stage.

We also got a chance to talk about how Nintendo has dropped their Wii U sales projection for 2014 by 70% and prayed they don’t go the way of Sega.  Brandon, however, brought up a good point about their handheld sales, and we all sighed in relief.  Following that, we discussed a depressing article in the latest issue of Game Informer about the fall of Lucasarts, which answered a lot of questions about the Indiana Jones, KOTOR III, and Star Wars Battlefront games we were all waiting for.  You’ll also get to hear Chester take Rian’s side in the Saints Row IV vs. Bioshock Infinite debate; Dirk discovering X-Men Legends a decade late; and finally, Brandon sharing his excitement about Bravely Default.  Here comes the awesome closing pun:  GET OVER HERE!! and enjoy the 15th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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