Casual Cowards 14.1 – X-Men for the Genesis

Pointcast 14.1 – Should I call you Logan, Weapon X…?  No, WOLVERINE! SNICKEDY, SNICKEDY, SNOIG!!

You all remember that awesome quote from Mallrats, right?  We know you did because you are currently asking yourself how to phonetically spell out Jay’s nonsensical onomatopoeia.  Along with the movie Mallrats, the X-Men was a significant part of being a kid in the 90s.  While we didn’t get the awesome live-action blockbusters that today’s kids get, we did get the gritty animated series every Saturday morning.  From that sprang the tie-in game with the simple title ‘X-Men’ for the Sega Genesis.  (You could say that us 90’s kids had it better because they didn’t kill off three of the main characters in the cartoon – looking at you, The Last Stand).  While character selection was restricted to only 4 of the X-Men, the artwork stayed true to the cartoon series, which made the game that much more enjoyable.

Now, we admit that we had to use the health cheat code (found here at GameWinners) but come on – this game was hard as balls!  It was so brutal that it even required you to reset the Genesis towards the end of the game.  Think about that; no game saves, no checkpoints, no continues.  Just reset the game and pray that the developers are not messing with you.  It was tough to keep this Pointcast to our 20 minute limit, but only because we’re three grown ass men who still fantasize about having Mutant Powers.  Fat… Mutant… Powers…   Arbitrary statement generating nostalgia while making a horrible X-Men pun… and sit back and enjoy Pointcast 14.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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