red dead redemption

Casual Cowards 17 – Red Dead Redemption

Episode 17 – John Marston: The Lovable Scamp.

What gets every good gaming podcast talking about a video game set in the Western United States and Northern Mexico?  Porn.  We wish that we were joking, and we wish that the second topic hadn’t devolved into Japanese rape porn.  But hey, you can’t undo the past.  When it comes to a character that’s murdered countless people and who’s married himself a whore: we believe that our intro into Red Dead Redemption is appropriate.  For such a large game, we do our best to keep it in between the lines, but fail.  And as a plus, Dirk comes clean that he would blow each and every one of you!!  Again, Dirk REALLY loves himself some gay men.  Seriously, he talks about all that is gay more often than he talks about Batman.

We’d like to say that we did Red Dead Redemption justice by touching on everything that this game was.  We can’t.  We can say that we touched on Rian’s game-less PS4; Chester’s road rage; and everyone hating on every Final Fantasy after FFX.  If you liked the characters from Red Dead Redemption, well… good.  We sort of talked about them.  We also found a chance to sneak in a conversation about Batman (we always do).  We’re giving away a free copy of Grid 2, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out how to win (closes on February 28, 2013).  We hope that you like sex… a lot – because we talked about it… a lot.  So set a spell, and enjoy the 17th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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