Chains of Olympus

Casual Cowards 16.1 – God of War: Chains of Olympus

Pontcast 16.1 – Generic White Button Presses

Hot on the tail of our last full episode, we decided to do another GoW title: Chains of Olympus.  The original PSP title was shopped out to a secondary studio, Ready at Dawn.  What they produced surprised us all – a full-fledged God of War adventure on a single, tiny 1.6 gigabyte PSP UMD disc.  The graphics were great, the enemies were still challenging, and the goddamned mini games were as frustrating as ever.  That was a ballsy move for a PSP title.  Some people have a violent controller throwing reaction to frustration.  Some people might throw their PSP at the wall like a ninja star.  Rian and Chester were smart enough to buy the updated PS3 version.  Dirk is still trying to dig his PSP out of the drywall.

Even though Chains of Olympus had a new development studio, it retained enough aspects of the original series to make it fit right into the cannon.  Gaia continued to narrate Kratos’ adventure; you got to bang random women in sexy mini games; and the story aspects laid out by Chains added major plot points to God of War III.  Long story short: God of War’s jump to the handheld system did not disappoint – but Jumping Jesus, Persephone was a bitch!  Have you ever wondered if abandoning a child was as easy as slamming the Circle button?  Want to know how Chester chooses to accessorize? Care to know which Price of Right game Rian’s innards most resemble?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will not be disappointed by our latest episode. So, sit back and enjoy Pointcast 16.1 of the Casual Cowards of gaming.


  1. “Wow, just wow,” you’re enthralled by our relevant commentary?

    “Wow, just wow,” you’ve never heard anything as earth shatteringly awesome as this?

    “Wow, just wow,” you can’t believe that someone would sell us the equipment to broadcast our nonsense across the internets?

    Whatever the cause of your flabbergastedness, we, like your parents, are proud of you, and thanks for listening!!

  2. I’m pretty sure Sheri B is my sister in law, in which case, I’m going to say you’re third guess is the right one.

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