Casual Cowards 28 – SGC 2014!!!

Episode 28 – What do you Know about the Ego…?


We want to start everything off by saying that the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2014 was AWESOME.  As such, this is going to be the easiest write-up ever.  With that being said, we met so many people at SGC 2014 that were beyond awesome that we are in the process of creating a “Friends of the Show” page.  If Chester reads these things, he’s going to be pissed as he’s about to make a “Friends of the Show” page.  But before we get to that, here’s a slap-dash list of the great people we met out there:

With all of those names and links, we’re sure you will all be busy for a good deal of time.  For those that we’ve missed on this list, we’ll get them up and running on our Friends page.  If you want to learn how Chester found his way up to the roof of the Sheraton Dallas then you have come to the right place.  Get ready for the 28th Episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

Music this episode – Shovel Knight Remix by DJ Cutman



  1. Congratulations on your first live stream!!! I enjoyed watching it on YouTube, you should do them more it gives something to watch and listen at the same time.

    @ Chester- ya the game was snake rattle and roll, you’re a genius!!!! Ive been looking for that game everywhere.

    They got assassin’s creed on mobile emulator but it sucks ass, controls are wacked out, same with the street fighter and mortal combat franchise. It’s really good for the Mario and luigi games that are rpg on the Nintendo ds emulator.

    You gotta love the face Dirk gives Rian or Chester at the beginning when he burped lmfao lol, priceless! He’s like nigga im ready to bust yo head open, try me!! :-p

  2. Since you brought up Dave and Buster’s, I have to mention that I left my credit card at the bar and had to cancel it when I got home… Still a great time and it made me miss Derby Owner’s Club so much. I’m gonna bring my horses back to next year’s SGC.

  3. Now you can see how the magic happens, and yes, I did want to crack some skulls. We’re looking forward to the live streams in the future, so stick around!!!

  4. Fuck yeah, awesome podcast guys. You guys should totally do livestreams, they are super fun and can help build a viewer base. Could consider going out to Twitch to.

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