Casual Cowards 28.1 – The State of Gaming (as we see it)

Pointcast 28.1 – NOW WITH MORE VIDEO!!!

Oh, there is no video for this episode.  It was super awesome when we got done recording our episode to find out that our stream to YouTube stopped and didn’t give us a warning or notification, so we have no video.  We have learned from our mistake and will try to do a better job next time, but until then, stick this in your earballs.

While out in Texas for SGC, we got into a debate as to what constituted a video game.  Dirk flat out made the declaration that he does not believe that mobile games are video games, to which Chester retorted by showing Dirk Clash of the Clans on his phone and said, “this is being played on a video screen.”  Dirk then punched him in the face and won the argument outright.  In the aftermath, we decided that since we have some new listeners, we would initiate a debate on the state of gaming as we see it and see what everyone thinks.  It turns out that Dirk is on his own little island with his mobile gaming hate as Rian and Chester both play mobile games frequently.  While there is non-consensus on the mobile gaming, we all agreed that we HATE micro-transactions and the whole fantastic consumption culture that stores like Game Stop created.

Is there another video game crash on the horizon like the one from 1983?  We have no idea, but we do know that we don’t like being fleeced to play a game that we like.  Is there an answer to our concerns?  We have to idea, but we’d like to hear from you, so hit us up on Facebook, or comment section, or Twitter to let us know.  Either way, we hope you enjoy Pointcast 28.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


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