Casual Cowards 31 – Borderlands 2

Episode 31: Poodle


Well, much like you hurt the ones you love, we failed to encapsulate all of what this game is and what makes it awesome.  However, Borderlands 2 is a game that everyone, EVERYONE, should play because there are soooooooo many aspects of this game that set it apart from all of the other shooters out there.  Do you want a game were you will never find the same weapon twice and that has an awesome and unique cast of characters AND has one of the most humorous and well timed scrips written, then you need to play this game.  What other game out there can you find the time to summon characters named after the Ninja Turtles and then shoot a midget in his face mask, turning him into a hulking mega midget that flies into a rage that could end with your’s and every other on-screen character’s demise.  A chick also shoots herself rather than hook up with Skooter, so that’s cool too.  By the way, Dirk loves himself some Skooter.  CATCH-A-RIDE, CATCH-A-RIDE!!!!

While we were trying to decide how to appropriately convey what Borderlands 2 is, we decided to bring in yet another friend of the show, Todd.  You may know him as the namesake of “Todd’s Gaming News” as he holds all of our gaming news to a unparalleled standard.  He also doesn’t remember dogging on us so hard about our news segment that we named it after him, so that’s fun.  Outside of Borderlands (get it), we talk about a woman who is allegedly blowing people for a positive game review for her allegedly shitty game, the rumored Read Dead Redemption sequel, and what we hope will be the best game ever to exist in every sense of existence: The Saint’s Row 4 sequel.  We hope you’ve seen it coming down the road, so CATCH-A-RIDE with the Casual Cowards of Gaming for Episode 31.

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  1. Borderlands 2 is amazing. I’ve played through it multiple times. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Castle Keep are my favorite of the dlc missions.

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