Casual Cowards 30.1 – NES Brawl!!!!

Pointcast 30.1 – Establish a Corner!!!


It has taken three times for us to get it right, but hopefully, we have a video uploaded to our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.  Seriously, Rian has no excuse to not have this thing posted by the time your reading this.

Outside of that, we had such a good time with our Indie Brawl, we decided that we wanted to do another one for the NES.  We also received no feedback on our Indie Brawl, so we assumed that you loved it too.  This week we had a fourth person in the studio, Dat Dee_El_See, so we made him the judge for our brawl.  If you missed the premise of our first Brawl episode, we all selected an individual game, brought it to the table, and pitted it against the other Coward’s games.  Rian championed Excite Bike, Chester picked up the mantle for Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, and Dirk chose to defend the honor of RC Pro-Am.

We added a little more flair as we went round robin twice with one round to pimp our games and a second round to trash the other games.  You need to remember that we are a drinking podcast first, so while each of us have most certainly played all of these titles in the past, we somehow have blanked most of the game play from our minds.  Chester did pull a wild card and was able to pull a game that was nothing but dick and ball jokes.  Either way, this is our Thunder Dome and only one shall leave, which Dee_El_See made his choice for the victor.  If you disagree with any of our arguments, or who wound up on top, feel free to leave us a comment or hit us up on the Twitter and/or Facebook to let us know your grievances.  We hope that you know who runs Barter Town, because we’re coming to take it over!! Sit back and enjoy Pointcast 30.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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