Casual Cowards 32 – FEZ

Episode 32: We Choose Business Ethics!!


Before this whole thing gets going, we’re going to start off by making Dirk apologize to everyone for not understanding how the audio equipment and stopping the episode cold.  Dirk, apologize.

Dirk: “I’m sorry”

With that out of the way, we’ll be reminding him of this until the end of time and you, the listener (or the viewer on the YouTubes), will never have to deal with his nonsense again; we turned off his monitor.

While we never intended to have relevant information to talk about, we happened to stumble upon it when we chose to play and talk about FEZ.  Now, bear in mind, because we selected FEZ a while ago and pay no attention to everything, we never intended our conversation about FEZ to include #GamerGate.  We really wanted to focus on the game, which we eventually did and only mildly rag on Phil Fish, he wound up running his mouth on Twitter and had his site hacked and that unleashed a whole mess of information onto the world.  We make a run through as much as we could about all of the nonsense that surrounds Phil Fish, #GamerGate and the hacking, but this really is not something that we talk about regularly, so we really want people to focus on the game.

And what a great game FEZ is.  The protagonist is one of the cutest, most likable characters that bounds through a 2D world that can be rotated.  This formula actually makes for GREAT game play, great puzzles and an all-around enjoyable experience.  Rian and Chester took the time to actually dig into this game and have nothing but great things to say about the game.  Dirk, however, stopped playing it because he stumbled onto the #GamerGate info.  Rian and Chester even have a couple organic conversations about locations that they have been to and how to get there with each other.  Bottom line is, FEZ is a great game that should be played.  If you really want to chime in on any part of the the episode, there are a couple topics that we would love to hear from you about, so use and abuse that comment section.

We also want to thank our most recent donations that we have received for our Extra Life fundraising campaign; Kayla, Brad, Marie and Paul, thank you so much for your donations.  In retrospect, we should be the last people you hear talk about ethics, but you get a whole lot of it here, so sit back and enjoy Episode 32 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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