Casual Cowards 32.1 – Tetris

Pointcast 32.1 – Phoning it in

We were a little skeptical at first that we would be able to squeak out even twenty minutes of conversation about the awesome puzzle game that is Tetris.  While Tetris is a game that we all have played to no end in the past, and continue to play it now as it is EVERYWHERE, at the base of it, it’s a game about stacking blocks and making lines.  Seriously, if you don’t think that Tetris has permeated into every platform of gaming, just Google it right now and the first hit that you get is a Flash game that you can play for free.  Screw it, we’ll just Google it for you!!  With it’s humble beginnings in the Soviet Union from the imagination of Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris took the gaming world by storm as it was bundled with the release of the Nintendo Game Boy in 1989.  Since then it has been ported, retooled, redesigned, built upon, imitated, copied, cloned and re-released on almost everything that has an input device and a screen.  Again, see the Google search above.

The kicker is that because Tetris was developed in the Soviet Union under Communist rule, Alexey didn’t get a dime for his creation for a decade until he was hired by Microsoft.  Hell, we didn’t even do enough research to see if he has ever received any residuals from the sales of Tetris.  We’re going to venture a guess that because Tetris was originally property of Mother Russia, Vladimir Putin is still living fat off of the Tetris teat.  Disney even jumped on the Tertis bandwagon and released their own version for the Nintendo 64.  With all of the history behind Tetris, each of the Cowards have a story about how much they enjoy playing and watching others play the revolutionary title.  We know that you all have been waiting for this episode like you’ve been waiting for Tetris to just give you that damn line, so sit back and enjoy Pointcast 32.1 of the Casual Cowards of gaming.


  1. I forgot which episode it was but Chester finally played my game snake Rattle and roll!!! How cool is that 🙂
    It’s a fun old school game for sure.
    Thanks for hearing me out.

    I love your live streams on YouTube 🙂 it’s nice to see where the magic happens.

    Here’s my suggestion for YouTube, tagging and the title of the episode is SUPER important to get views, ratings and subscribers. I saw you have a lot of comments and views starting to pack up on there, which is spectacular!!

    Thumbs up to you guys 🙂

    1. Ooh and YouTube thumbnails I read bring up views, they are tricky to come up with and master but if someone passes by your video and it looks “cool” looking they are most likely to watch the video versus when YouTube automatically picks a thumbnail where for example Chester gets up and half his head gets shot in the screen or something hahah.
      Just thought I’d give you some tips my friends ;-p

    2. I loved Snake Rattle and Roll, so it was a pleasure! And thanks for the YouTube advice! I’ll make Dirk get right on it!

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