Casual Cowards 39 – The 2014 Year-End Review

Episode 39 – Chester’s Pullover Hoodie

Well, here we are; Christmas has come and gone, we’re all disappointed, New Years is right around the corner, and Dirk is sick with the flu.  This has been the best year ever…  Seriously, aside from the most recent nonsense that has gone on, 2014 has been a great year, and we were happy that we could share it with everyone that listens.  We know there are only like three or four of you, but we’re happy none-the-less.  Except Rian; Rian hates everything, everyone, and especially you!!!  Rian, however, does not hate most of the games that came out in 2014, so get ready for us to ramble on about the games that were 2014.  Were there games that you thought stood out more than others?  Listen along to see if we touch on your favorite game of 2014.

If you were lucky enough to get a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One for Christmas, we’re sorry that both of their respective networks were down.  To kill the time, we also hope that you went over to Hideo Kojima’s 3 hour stream to be trolled into a Metal Gear Chicken Hat.  Oh, if you didn’t catch both of those two gaming events, maybe you should check out the news of Final Fantasy VII being released on the PS4!!! Well, it’s just a port of the PC version, so you get a game that has been playable on all of the Playstations for the past 20 years, with no updated graphics, so suck on that, world!!! Seriously!?! What the hell has been with the Christmas trolling?  We’re happy with the previous events of 2014, so we won’t tell the entire year to suck it because of a terrible Christmas seasons.  We also won’t tell you, the listener, to suck it because we love you too much.  With that being said, gather up your fondest memories of 2014, compile your list of top games to oppose ours, and sit back and enjoy the 39th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


          1. They look pretty sick from a collectors view point but they’re still new so at the moment they can only do little things here and there. One thing I like about them is they’re not limited to just 1 game so many amiibo’s can do work in there own little way on many different games.

            So for example I got a Yoshi one that I can use for smash and make a figure fighter that I can train and it learn my fighting style and level up. when I bring it over to my friends smash bros and fight with it over there After I finish fighting and take it back over to mine it will have a bunch of gifts I can get that I can use in the game.

            Now like I was saying how it can be used in many different games in little ways I can use my Yoshi in Hyrule Warriors where each day I can get a random gift from the game like a powerful weapon or collectibles I need to power up my guys. I could also use that same Yoshi for mario kart where i could get a cool Yoshi theme skin for my mii character.

            Sorry for the late reply I’ve been really busy with this lit review I have to do for one of my classes it’s been a really crazy years with a ton of stuff going on since it’s my last semester before I graduate.

            I feel really bad that I haven’t been keeping up with listen to you guys so once I finish with this paper due Monday I’m planing to do a marathon of Casual Coward catch up.

  1. I feel your pain Dirk. I was sick over the holidays. I got a viral infection in my throat and had to cancel my trip to NYC for New Year’s.

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