Casual Cowards 38 (or Pointcast 37.1… We can’t decide)

Episode 38 – Peesloshing


We know that in general, all three of us are degenerates, but we did not make up the word “peesloshing.”  That was all Battleblock Theater and we love it.  Like most other games, we were late to the party on Battlebock Theater, but this game is right up our alley in that the game is a two player co-op, platforming adventure with a charming art design, and the most off the wall writing.  The soundtrack is also awesome as the Secret Level song is nothing but nonsense scat music.  There are also some great puzzles and man were there some cats.  All of the cats…  If you liked Castle Crashers, you should pick yourself up some Battleblock Theater and enjoy.  We have a hard time conveying exactly what this game is, so just stand on us and go pick it up.  It’s super cheap (less than four bucks) on Steam until 1/2/15, so you have no excuse.

Outside of completing some awesome co-op action, we discuss the shame of a fiasco that was the hacking of Sony and how they pulled the movie, the Interview.  We know that the movie is going to be released, and that there is a good chance that we won’t like it, but damn it, WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!!  There is also some mention of some type of Halo 5 beta and Nintendo, but we really need to get to the important things like THE STEAM WINTER SALE IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW, and Rian is getting a vasectomy.  We hope that you are ready for a BUNCH of testicle puns between now and the end of January, because here they cum.  Arnold is also casing in on the Terminator franchise on last time in Terminator Genesys, so we’re geared up for that.  We hope you brought your ice, because Rian is going to need it, so sit back, mind the step children, and enjoy episode (Pointcast?) 38 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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