Casual Cowards 47 – White Out

Episode 47 – White Out


In this episode we have lost all of our street cred and ethnicity and are just three white men sitting in a room, rhythm-less.  We also get to talk about Chester drinking too much moonshine and then smearing his Black Death puke down Dirk’s guest bedroom wall and then disappearing into the night.  There was also some talk about Gat out of Hell, Harrison Ford’s inability to land a plane, and the Unreal 4 Engine being free to developers.  Dirk also has an unhealthy hatred for Jared Leto and flies off the handle when he hears that Leto is going to play the Joker in the new Suicide Squad movie.  To get by the rage, they all nerd out over Age of Ultron and the over use of metal exoskeletons in the new Marvel movies.  Rian also likes angry Hulk over passive Hulk, so take note.  I’m tired of writing this so just go listen to Joe talk in the background and enjoy the 47th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming,



DJ Cutman

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