Casual Cowards 48 – This Is Our Final Form

Episode 48: This is Our Final Form

Well, after Rian and Dirk talked nothing but mad shit about Charles not showing up for his first official day on the job, they found out that Charles was in the hospital.  They don’t feel bad and are actually upset that there was no surgery or some sort of broken bone.  Well, he’s back and he wants to know who’s bitch this is!?  Outside of that, there is talk about Sony has horrible customer service and how Valve has a horrible BBB score, but apparently no one cares.  There is also talk about Paula Dean, some arcade builds, and how the Raspberry Pis came on Pi Day!!!!  There are other things peppered in there, so just sit back and enjoy the 48th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.



DJ Cutman

Purple Planet




  1. I think Charles will make a excellent 4th member to your group. He meld well with your humors and bounces off his own personal vibe.

    It’s a bummer you guys wont be back to SGC this year was really looking forward to seeing you all again. I hope you do well in your future endeavors with your podcast.

    I’ll always be a listener.

  2. Sorry to hear you guys are gonna miss SGC. If you change your mind, you can always crash in my room there.

    1. I’m sorry to hear it too. I was really looking forward to seeing everybody again! However, considering how much $$ we dropped on last year’s visit and merch table, we’re deep in the red and looking for other (more economical) ways to promote the show. I can’t speak for the other guys, but I will anyways, and say that we’re all really glad we made it out last year and made such great and loyal friends! We hope we can continue to entertain you and many others for years to come, and OUR PATHS SHALL CROSS AGAIN!

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