knights of the old republic

Casual Cowards 5 – Knights of the Old Republic

Episode 5 – Query: When does the meatbag killing start?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, BioWare unleashed Knights of the Old Republic upon an unsuspecting universe. And we LOVED it!  The game had a full cast of dynamic characters ranging from Jedi to Droids and even a goddamned Wookie. All of which were playable, had great back stories, and were fully voiced.  Also, YOU GET YOUR OWN GODDAMNED WOOKIE!!!  Set 4000 years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Knights of the Old Republic was a brand new story. You could traverse the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon… errr… ahem… I mean, Ebon Hawk. You could be as helpful as possible, or just be straight up evil and kill everything in your path.  The game also had a twist that was on par with “I am your father,” and if you played your Pazzak cards right, you could even Force Choke a bitch!

Interspersed in between our fond recollections of the nerdgasms that this game created, we also found time to talk about Rian’s aspirations of joining the 501st Legion. More specifically: the Dune Sea Garrison (both of which are very real, and very organized).  We also discuss the leak of Grand Theft Auto V information, which included the GTA V tracklist.  We touched briefly on Dice’s upcoming reboot of Star Wars Battlefront, and the new Wii U Wind Waker bundle.  While we were unable to find Rian’s Bruce Campbell Saints character, we’ll keep digging for it.  Join us as Dirk’s pansy ass takes the Light Side, and Rian encompasses everything that is the Dark Side, and enjoy the fifth episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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