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Casual Cowards 6 – A Link to the Past

Episode 6 – Excuuuuse Me Princess!!! (A Link to the Past)

You guys remember that 1989 cartoon that you would sit through the whole damn week of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show just to see?  While the Legend of Zelda cartoon was actually based on Zelda II, it helped us kill some time before A Link to the Past hit.  The top-down view was a welcome throwback to the original, but this title delivered many new features that would become staples in the series.  Did you like the Hookshot from Ocarina of Time?  Then you can thank A Link to the Past for that gem!  Were you happy to put a name to the Master Sword? A Link to the Past did it first!  Or do you like the mysterious Mirror Realm that the world of Hyrule has always been split into?  Well, guess what, A Link to the Past is where it all began!

We rarely have enough time to actually play a game all the way through, so we brought in our good friend Ryan to share his expertise.  However, we did find the time to talk about the next round of GTA V map leaks (which only adds to the hype of the upcoming game), the Saints Row IV Dubstep Gun, and you may get to hear Rian give an audible gasp when Ryan pulled out his super thick copy of Hyrule Historia.  If you are able to tell which Rian/Ryan won the Zelda quiz, then you are actually the winner!!!  Seriously, let us know because we stopped caring.  We hope you took the time to upgrade your bomb bag and quiver! Welcome to the sixth episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


  1. As a giant Zelda fan myself, I enjoyed it, funny shit 🙂 Good discussion around the cart size and story elements, I feel the same. This was the first time I saw it rain in a video game…plus, them music is fucking incredible.

    Thanks again for check out our pod as well!


    1. We had a lot of fun doing A Link to the Past and we’re glad you enjoyed it!! We’ll be sure to keep up on your episodes.

  2. Great stuff guys. Good to hear the d00d Ryan Arnot on the show. Clap Clap Clap for episode 5 🙂 Keep it going.

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