Super Mario World

Casual Cowards 8 – Super Mario World

Episode 8: The Flying Yoshi is Blue!!!

It’s hard not to get nostalgic when you hear the intro song to Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.  Today we take a trip back to Dinosaur Island – the vacation spot for Mario.  Nothing says R&R like being in a land completely devoid of human life. The island is home, however, to no less than 6 haunted houses! Not to mention Bowser and his babies have taken up residence in the island’s numerous castles!  So not only has King Koopa and his army of Troopas infested this new land, but they had time to (shocker) kidnap Princess Peach!  As the first installment to the series on the SNES, Super Mario World was an awesome introduction to what the new system could do.  Vibrant colors, great platforming, and a catchy soundtrack that stopped gamers in their tracks.  This game was charming as hell!

We also took the time to debate if Team Ico will ever release the Last Guardian; which according to, is being retooled for the PS4.  Also, we were duped by the news that Valve filed for a trademark for Half-Life 3! But then reported that the story has been removed from the European database where it originally popped up.  Dreams : Crushed.  Speaking of Half-Life: Dirk bought a Dreamcast and discovered the unreleased Half-Life out in the wilds of the internet. As a result, the guys at Fallout Games have been keeping him flush with VMUs!  (whatever that means)  We get excited for the Kickstarter campaigns of River City Ransom and Broken Age;  Rian keeps burping into his mic;  Get ready to drop Yoshi like a bad habit at the first sign of trouble; and enjoy the eighth episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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