Saints Row IV

Casual Cowards 7 – Saints Row IV

Episode 7: Now Your Wubs Explode!

Our favorite activity is dick punching a grown man in a hot dog suit while sliding through his legs.  Let that sentence sink in for a second…  Do you think that we’ve gone off the deep end and developed a weird mascot fetish?  Or are we just hyper in-tune with our love of hot dogs?  As it turns out, we don’t care what the reason is. It’s just something to do after gliding across the map on our way to take down a Zinyak tower. Saints Row IV has every pop culture reference from the past 30 years all wrapped into one incredible free-for-all.  Whether talking about the iconic groin smashing fight scene from They Live or waiting for the “drop” from what may be the best weapon ever you can rest assured that we were drunk while playing it.

We have mixed emotions about the Steam Machine and, unrelated, we honestly had nothing to do with Phil Fish’s Twitter meltdown and cancellation of Fez 2, which Destructoid outlined nicely.  Dirk still thinks that Matt Damon is the Batman to Affleck’s Robin, and we embarrass a few of our Twitter friends (@GAMEWRECKERS, @RETR0JOE, @Mikeyothedj, @ryanthelou, @ARProduction, @ThatSportsGamer, @Nerd_Church) for nothing but association.  Dirk admits to buying GTA V while Rian empties our beer cooler. So sit back and enjoy the seventh episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming!

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