Casual Cowards 84 – GameStop: No, Seriously. Just Stop.

Episode 84 – GameStop had better mind the step children!

Welcome brethren, to another episode of the CCoG Podcast!  Get down on your knees, lube up your ear holes, and prepare yourselves for a long one!  This week we’re gonna talk about GameStop;  we’re gonna talk about Nintendo;  And praise be unto Jesus! For the good Lord has seen fit to bless us with the presence of an Angel!  Welcome, for the first time, to our good friend Brother Chris, a.k.a. Grand Masta C!

Okay, enough of the evangelical bullshit.  We invited Chris onto the show to tell us why he pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch (he had no idea what he was getting himself into).  Before we got to that, though, we naturally had to talk about ourselves – we’re incredibly vain. Also, our guest microphone sounds really bad, so in an attempt to make it sound better Rian made himself sound terrible and we sincerely apologize.

In our recap of the last 2 weeks, Charles tells us that he’s still playing Watchdogs 2.  It must be a hell of a game if it can hold that guy’s attention.  We get to hear all about Rian’s foray into the story driven blockbuster title, Just Cause 3, and how fun it is to attach shit to other shit.  He’ll also give his review of the not-so-recent film Suicide Squad and dazzle us with his extensive insider knowledge of the KKK.  Chester regales us with stories about doing acid in the late 90’s; streaming Conan Exiles on Twitch with his friends ShockyP of Playstation Insider and XLRBigSausage of Playstation Inside Her; and subscribing to the Humble Bundle monthly subscription.  Chester also tells us all about how his life got flipped, turned upside down, just trying to make some money off of this god damn podcast!

Real Talk – Amazon Affiliation

Chester here, and I’ve got something to say!  We’ve been doing this podcast for almost 4 years, and we’ve never even tried to turn a profit.  We’ve always done it for the lol’s – we fucking love this shit!

So, one day I was talking to myself and I said, “I wish I could get paid to do what I love”.  BOOM!  A Grand Genie appeared and said, “Now I say, I say – listen here, boy! You can!”  And then, poof he was gone – just like that.  A year later it dawned on me:  I should try to make this podcast turn a profit.  Shortly thereafter, I met Marc from and he gave me the tools I needed to get started.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough.  I see that you’re interested in helping us out.  So, if you need some new shoes, or toilet paper, or a vibrator, or pretty much anything under the sun, just click right –>HERE<– and then buy whatever the fuck you want.  Seriously, anything you want.  Just do it in the next 24 hours.

Meat and Potatoes

Finally – the reason why we invited Chris onto the show in the first place – his pre-order of the Nintendo Switch.  Chris informs us as to why he’s already bought a console that hasn’t even been manufactured yet.  Also, he bought the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and he’s not even Zelda fan!.  (I still can’t wrap my head around any of this.)

After that, we’ll berate GameStop for their incredibly shady business model called The Circle of Life.  This program is the clearest possible evidence that GameStop doesn’t give a fuck about their customers or their employees!  While we’re on the subject of screwing people: their program hurts game developers, too!  They don’t make dick off of re-sales!  Stop giving them money.  Amazon is such a better company.  Everyone should shop at Amazon.




Grand Masta C’s music is found in numerous places around the internet (just google “Grand Masta C”).  I would recommend checking out his Reverb Nation site. Do yourself a favor and read the About the Artist section. It’s magical.

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