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Casual Cowards 83 – Nintendo: Masters of the Bate and Switch

Episode 83 – Nintendo: Masters of the Bate and Switch

Better switch to safe mode, folks, because Rian has Super Aids! I swear to god that guy is sick every other week. Maybe it has something to do with drinking 2.5 gallons of beer in one night? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist! Leave me alone! I mean, I’d be lying if I said that I’d never done that… Anyways, now that everyone is safe, we can get on with the show!

In this episode we find out that Chester is now living that Humble Bundle life and he shares his thoughts on the indy title Pony Island. Naturally this leads to a discussion about what to call a unicorn with dwarfism. Why wouldn’t it? We also learn all about the new Netflix Original series Travelers and the giant gaping holes in the show’s basic time travel premis.

Charles lets us know why he was pleasantly surprised by Watch Dogs 2 and not so pleasantly surprised by the genre bending musical La La Land.  Don’t ask me how, but this leads to a discussion about making Tim Robbins watch while Morgan Freeman bangs his wife, Susan Sarandon. Can these guys ever keep it on the rails? Do we want them to?

Finally, the boys discuss their expectations for the Nintendo Switch and things get ugly. If you’re a Nintendo fanboy then this episode is probably not for you. If you have a problem hearing the word “dick” then this episode is definitely not for you. And if you pre-ordered the Switch then you can fuck right off.  You are responsible for encouraging Nintendo’s shitty business tactics and we hate you.

Also in this episode: Charles teaches us fractions using frogs. Shia LaBeouf doesn’t give a fuck. Cabela’s The Deer Hunter: The Game. Rian plugs fake sponsors.

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