Super Metroid

Casual Cowards 87 – Super Metroid

Episode 87 – Super Metroid

Charles is out again this week, but since Chester is afraid to be alone with Rian we invited our good friend Kris back into the studio to talk about Super Metroid!  Before we rocket back to Zebes, however, we’ll hear all about Rian’s terrible week as well as his wonderful St. Paddy’s day adventures.  Chester gives a quick review of Iron Fist, Logan, Kong, and Power Rangers.  And, Kris tells us about the joy of wearing women’s clothing in the new Zelda game.  Also, our friend John popped by the studio to tell us why he prefers strip clubs to casinos.

In other news, we discuss the fact that the creator of The Witcher – Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski – is a bit of a prick.  We also take credit for the closing of approximately 150 GameStop locations (you’re welcome!).  Chester rages about the Senate’s bill to allow ISPs to sell your personal information without your permission.  And finally, Rian reveals his plans to run for office!  Which office?  Tune in to find out!

Chester’s Soapbox – Why SJ 34 is so Important

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put in place critical broadband privacy protection rules late last year to protect your right to privacy online. Now, some members of Congress are looking to completely erase those rules and let your Internet service provider sell information about what you look at, what you purchase, and who you talk to online.

But those members of Congress aren’t looking to just undo the current rules. The method they would use—passing a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to repeal current FCC rules—would effectively permanently ban the FCC from ever writing new privacy rules. Because of the current legal landscape, the Federal Trade Commission is already barred from policing Internet service providers. If Congress repeals the FCC rules, there will be no federal cop on the beat for Internet privacy.

I will provide links to useful information and resources at the bottom.

Back to the Fun Stuff

Lastly, we give praise to the SNES classic, Super Metroid.



Sub-Reddit devoted to keeping our internet privacy private

Webpage with your Representative’s phone number and a short script to read – Locate your Representative and find their contact information

A pre-formatted letter to your Representative

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