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Casual Cowards 88 – Milking Simulator ’17 – BioShock Infinite

Episode 88 – Milking Simulator ’17


Charles is back!  From the future!  And he brought a lot of energy back with him that he unleashes on the most exciting intro to date!  We hit the ground running this week when we envision the combination of two of our least favorite things: The movie Speed, and rape. Then Charles shares his Mass Effect: Andromeda woes when we find out what he’s been up to the last 4 weeks.  Rian reveals his new found status as a leet haXXor and his fears concerning the new GTAV banning practices.  Finally, Chester criticizes the critics, but he ain’t mad at them.  Haters gotta hate.  It’s their job.

Realistic Dairy Farm Simulator ’17

This week in gaming news we read the letter than PETA sent to Nintendo regarding their cow milking simulator in the new 1-2 Switch.  Naturally, this leads Rian to share a very graphic description of how cows are inseminated on dairy farms.  Let’s just say it involves a handful of semen and leave it that, shall we?  (Of course we won’t. Where’s the fun in that?)  The only question now is, of course, will Nintendo rise to the challenge?  Are they brave enough to produce a realistic dairy farm simulator?  Probably not – it’d be a total waste of money.  Also, Palmer Luckey, co-creator of the Occulus Rift, was asked to leave Facebook for being a Drumpf supporting biggot.  If you ask me, Facebook is a perfect fit for someone like that.  And on a sadder note, video game console peripheral giant MadCatz has gone bankrupt.

BioShock Infinite – *Spoilers*

Released in 2014 by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite has everything. From inter-dimensional portals to super powers, and gospel music to overt racism.  It truly has it all.  The game is not all sunshine and rainbows, however, there’s also some things we didn’t like. So grab an orange out of the trash, sit back, and enjoy!

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