Watch Dogs 2

Casual Cowards 89 – Get the Likes, Save the World (Watch Dogs 2)

Episode 89 – Get the Likes, Save the World (Watch Dogs 2)


This week’s Game of the Week is Watch Dogs 2! But before we get into that, we discuss the real issues. Important issues like why we always hurt the ones we love, cats getting hit by cars, and Chester’s past lives. Heavy stuff, there, man. We also share our plans for this year’s Phoenix Comicon. Don’t miss it!

In our bi-weekly recap of our personal lives, Chester confesses his tendency towards kleptomania in The Elder Scrolls Online. He also brags about renting an entire theater just so he can watch The Lego Batman Movie all by himself (you’re right to be envious, peasants!). Charles is tight-lipped about his ongoing love of Mass Effect: Andromeda (we don’t want to give too much away before our next episode!). And finally, Rian tries not to bore us with too many details about his life (and fails miserably!).

This Week’s News

Thanks to a new mod that allows cheaters to steal money from other players, GTAV Online is about to lose 90% of their legitimate players. GameStop allowed their customer’s credit card numbers to be leaked. Not just the numbers, though, we’re talking CCV’s, expiration dates, billing addresses, you name it. Naturally, this news gives us a little of the old schadenfreude – joy derived from another’s pain – because we hate GameStop. I mean, we really hate GameStop. Fuck GameStop.

We also discuss the future (continued?) exploitation of gamers with the news that the University of Utah is now offering scholarships for various eSports, starting with League of Legends. We can’t wait for EA Sports to release their own version of eSports games with the highly anticipated Manager Mode! Finally, Nintendo announces the death of the NES Classic Console and we discuss likely reasons for this shitty decision.

Watch Dogs 2

In this sequel to Ubisoft’s 2014 flop, you play as Marcus Halloway, the hip young hacker with the heart of gold. Using nothing but a smart phone, your wits, and a 3D printer that prints any gun you want, you’ll take down the corporate tech giant known as Blume by getting likes. Listen in while we air our grievances – assuming you can make it through the first hour!


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