Casual Cowards 20.1 – Super Meat Boy

Pointcast 20.1 – Tight Platforming and Edging.

Get ready for a bold statement…  Super Meat Boy is one of the best platformers released by an independent developer made up of two people.  While that is a pretty niche category, not the platforming, but the two people making an awesome game part, Super Meat Boy is what EVERYONE wanted.  There may be a few of you out there that didn’t like Super Meat Boy, but I guarantee that you aren’t reading this far into the description and your wrong.  …YOU’RE WRONG!!!  Taking ques from all of the awesome platformers of the NES, Genesis, and SNES predecessors, the game play, music, and character elements for Super Meat Boy filled some sort of nostalgic void that we didn’t know existed.

As mentioned before, Meat Boy was a labor of love from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, who were also the golden children of Indie Game the Movie.  While Super Meat Boy was a little edgy with the mannerisms of the villain, Dr. Fetus, the game was much more marketable than sother McMillen’s New Grounds games, such as Cunt…  We also really liked that a contributor from New Grounds broke into the mainstream and was able to get their games to the masses.  The game also paid homage to a bunch of the other indie games out there in the form of hidden levels and unlockable characters.  In the short of it, Super Meat Boy was a game that all of the Cowards loved on multiple levels.  Listen in as Rian wants a second, second opinion, and Dirk learns the meaning of “edging” and “being on mollys,” and as always, enjoy Pointcast 20.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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