Casual Cowards 21 – Mass Effect

Episode 21 – Kieth David and Unsolved Mysteries

Do you know how long it took Dirk to get Rian to play Mass Effect? SEVEN YEARS! While it did take him forever to play Mass Effect all the way through to completion, he loved it. Chester on the other hand, never played it. While this was not Knights of the Old Republic III, Mass Effect was a game that delivered on so many levels. With a full cast of characters, an expansive galaxy to explore, and a great combat system that boasted combat and biotic aspects that made each play through a unique experience. The writing, the NPCs and the story are also a testament to the high caliber of the writing and creative staff over at Bioshock. We also love that they were able to get Seth Green, Keith David, and Lance Henriksen on-board as voice actors. Also, if we haven’t mentioned it before, the story and scope is awesome. You also get the opportunity to kill Carth, errrr, Kaidan which Dirk would do every day if he could.

As we are a gaming podcast, we (Dirk) felt that it would be a smart move to kick off our 21st episode talking about the new docudrama, Soaked in Bleach, which is based around Kurt Cobain’s suicide. We doubt that the gaming community cares about Kurt Cobain’s suicide, but we love Nirvana and are in no way living in the past. We also want to give out support to Albert Ransom and his battle against King with his new Kickstarter for his game Candy Swipe. Rian and his lady friend got their Ink Whiskey Nintendo flasks, but Dirk didn’t, and we went off on more tangents than any other episode, and were able to talk about Batman, Assassins Creed, Star Wars for the umteenth episode in a row. If you’re looking for a drinking game for this episode, take a drink every time Rian sniffs or coughs, and enjoy the 21st episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


  1. RIP Kurt Cobain, thanks to the crazy Courtney love.
    I miss Rian’s burping and Dirk’s scolding haha.

      1. I noticed Dirk is loosening up on teasing Rian’s bodily functions haha and now Chester is partaking by the way-
        Shout out to Chester – when I first started listening I didn’t realize that there was a third person because you so damn quiet lol my bad. I think you have one of the funnest podcasts out there 🙂 , I’m not the biggest gamer but I still enjoy listening, keep doing what you do. Peace out.

        1. I can’t seem to edit the above comment but I also wanted to add after listening to your newest episode that you should do a form of a live show, I think you’d enjoy it and it’s interactive with those who are fans of your show and your news section is fine it gives a balance to the three different personalities of the hosts 😛

  2. We’re kicking that idea around. More than likely it will be at a bar… and we’ll be drunk. Thanks for listening and thanks for the awesome words. If you hit us up on Twitter, we’ll throw some swag at you.

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