Casual Cowards 26.1 – Mario Kart 64

Pointcast 26.1 – Two Toads, One Cup

While we’re gearing up for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2014, or SGC 2014 for all of you kids in the know, we decided to toss ourselves a softball and talk about Mario Kart 64.  The main reason that we are talking about Mario Kart 64 is that we have wasted a whole bunch of money to buy a booth at SGC 2014 and we’re giving away shirts, but you have to beat us in a game of Mario Kart 64.  We plan on leaving with all of our shirts, because Rian claims to be really good at this game.  However, as we discovered last year, Dirk thought that he could hold his own in the Iron Man of Gaming, and he got TROUNCED!!  Anyway, anyway you slice it, we’re playing three days of Mario Kart 64, so we’ll be really good at this game by the end of it and we hope to see you there!!

While there are eight playable characters, we discuss how there are actually only three classes of racer and how Dirk has not played with any other character besides Yoshi.  Seriously, almost 20 years of playing as one character.  Rian and Chester are versatile and can get down with any character, so be warned.  Boasting 16 awesome tracks, Mario Kart 64 is a great game that you can go back to again and again.  The game set the standards for Kart Games, and each additional Mario Kart title has built off the winning formula ever since.  Everyone also remembers how glorifying it was to hit someone with a Green Shell like a boss.  We hope that all of you have been practicing, because we have been for 18 years!!! Sit back and enjoy Pointcast 26.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


  1. I wish I had heard this episode before SGC, so I could show up in a denim vest and leather fingerless gloves.

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