Casual Cowards 26 – Grand Theft Auto III

Episode 26 – Suck it, Todd!!!

Happy birthday to us!!!! For the past year we have had the pleasure of doing our dumb little podcast and we have loved every minute of it.  You would think that we would have honed some type of skill or refined our recording technique, but you’re wrong!!! We are a DRINKING! PODCAST! FIRST! so we’re perpetually stuck at the mental capacity of a really dumb nine-year-old… collectively.  We actually could not have asked for a better time to have our one-year episode as we had an amplitude of things to talk about.  We also need to  point out the fact that we are always uniformed about every topic, and we will never change that.  With that being said, E3 and Phoenix Comicon hit, which gave is 45 minutes of awesomeness to talk about.  We heard that one of our listeners, Todd, doesn’t like our news segment, but he drinks box wine straight from the box, so we’re taking it with a grain of salt.

For our 26th episode, we picked up Grand Theft Auto III and took a trip back to Liberty City’s first 3D rendering.  While GTA III’s game play is showing it’s age in that it feels a little restrictive, after five minutes of taking the controls, you remembered that this was the game that set you free.  You could do a mission or two, or you could grab a hooker, bang her, kill her, steal your money back, grab a car, ram a cop, start a rampage, and fifty steps later, you’ve killed everything in site and were set on the run from the Army, and then you died.  What were the repercussions for your actions?  Basically nothing.  You get released from prison and or the hospital, you have no weapons, but who cares because you can do it all over again!  The voice actors were also a great addition to the game and added a lot of character to GTA III as a whole.  Rian claims that he never really liked GTA III, but that’s because he is dumb and doesn’t get it.  We hope you brought cake, because it’s our special day, so sit back and enjoy the 26th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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