Casual Cowards 29.1 – Town of Salem

Pointcast 29.1 – Blame and Murder your Friends!

While we were out at SGC we had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Blank Media Games who reluctantly gave Dirk a shirt and turned us on to their awesome online game, Town of Salem.  This cute little Flash game pits 15 people against each other where the town’s people try to find the Serial Killer while battling the Mafia.  How do you save the town?  Simple, you accuse people you suspect in a public forum and vote to see if they die.  Seriously, you kill people right in front of the whole town while they plead for their cute little cartoon lives.  Oh, people also get murdered at night, so let’s hope that you make it through the first night.  The game can quickly turn into a mess if people, say, ourselves, decide to troll the games with some of our friends.  That being said, thanks Corey!!!

As 2/3 of the Casual Cowards are mentally handicapped, only Chester was able to actually get into the game and learn it’s intricacies.  Seriously, getting the Internet to work together to murder people is no easy task.  Rian and Dirk also tried to play, but the other people in town were three steps ahead of them and before they knew it, DEAD!  There is enough to Town of Salem to provide hours of fun, even if you are not screwing around like us.  This is also our first Pointcast that you can check out on our YouTube channel, so go check that out (if Rian remembers to post it).    Be sure to have your last will and death note ready as we cannot guarantee your safety throughout the night, but we can give you Pointcast 29.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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