Casual Cowards 29 – Indie Brawl!!!

Episode 29 – We’re not even sure that this thing is going to work…


We’ll acknowledge right off the bat that one of our games is not an indie game, we were given all of these titles by our friend Scott from the Free Indie Gamers, so check them out over on the YouTubes.   Regardless of whether it is an indie game or not, we still think it fits nicely into our little Indie Brawl.  We each played an indie game, brought it to the table, and we battled it out until one game was crowned the victor.  As our champions, Chester chose Dear Esther, Dirk chose Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars the Director’s Cut (not an indie game), and Rian selected Stealth Bastard Deluxe.  Remember, the games were only played individually and the other two had not payed the other games at all.  And so we battle!!! Appropriately, Rian’s game can be shortened to SBD, which we’re all privy to every week that we record.  All of the titles can be found on Steam, so we recommend going to check them out and we’ve even hyper linked them for your convenience.

While it’s namesake does not enjoy our new section, we discuss how Game Stop is about to release their terrible 26.99 percent interest rate credit card and we feel sorry for the the idiot kids that are going to be hosed in that deal.  The game Boy turns 25, which makes us all admit that we’re getting long in tooth, but we couldn’t be happier with what the gaming system started.  If you are one of three people that has not seen the new/old Deadpool movie tech demo, we implore you to do so, and for some reason we talk about Flappy Bird.  We hope that you know who runs Barter Town, because only one of these games is walking out of here.  Get ready for the Thunder Dome and enjoy the 29th episode of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.


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