Casual Cowards 33.1 – Extra Life Gaming Marathon

Poincast 33.1 – There is a 100% Chance that We Will Mess this Up

We would like to start off  by saying that we were internet pressured into joining the Extra Life team, the TSG Crew by none other than our team captain, T.J. Lauerman.  T.J. signed us up and actually admitted that he had no faith in us raising any more money than a 30 pack, and right now, the Casual Cowards (that’s us!!!) are fourth on the list of top fundraisers on our team of 25.  First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that has donated so far as you guys are the reason why we get to have bragging rights over the majority of our team.  That being said, we are still about $350.00 dollars short of our $1000.00 goal, so if you are on the fence, take a few clicks starting here, and help us help the Children’s Miracle Network.  We’ve even tried to sweeten the pot by letting you, the People, pick a game for an hour of our marathon if you donate 50 dollars or more; you pick the game, you pick the time, and we’ll play a whore out an hour of our lives for you and broadcast to the internet.  Get to 100 and above, and you can pick the alcohol.  We know that no one is reading this, so we ain’t skeered.

On top of all of our gaming marathon talk and listing off all of the games we’re playing, we also need to assist the media in warning you that EBOLA IS IN THE UNITED STATES!!! GAME OVER, MAN!!! GAME OVER!!!

Also, we’re taking a couple weeks off after this Pointcast to get ready for the gaming marathon, so there won’t be a new episode out until the first part of November.  It’s not that we don’t love you, it’s just going to bee too hard to get our marathon together and keep our recording schedule.  We hope that you enjoy the episode, and we look forward to the live viewers and comments during our live gaming marathon.  As always, sit back and enjoy Pointcast 33.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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