Casual Cowards 34 – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Episode 34: Random Sub Routines


Well, looks like Christmas came early for us as 2K games and Gearbox were nice enough to give us Borderlands: The Pre: Sequel on October 14, 2014.  While Rian is still resistant to first person shooters, Dirk and Chester are still holding out that Rian will start a Law Bringer character as Nisha and come wreck some house up on Elpis.  Even though Rian has not played the awesomeness that is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Dirk and Chester have been loving it!!  Chester is all about the questing and Dirk is all about jumping out in front of Chester’s sniper shot, which REALLY pisses him off.  They even have a tank character, Athena, but Dirk was too big of an idiot (Dirk and Idiot) and went with Claptrap.  It does add to the fun as Claptrap’s special ability is almost always nonsense and that is right up Dirk’s alley.

While the game is not perfect, looking at you annoying child characters and ALL OF THE AUSTRALIAN ACCENTS, there is plenty of a game here to satisfy any Borderlands fan.  You get all the guns, the writing is spot on (most of the time), the skill trees, leveling and Badass Ranks push progression, and the story works.  What more could you want?  We talked about other stuff, but we’ve been out of it for the past month and we did just do that 24 hour gaming marathon, so meh… Regardless, we’re happy to be back in the saddle and we hope that you enjoy Episode 34 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.



    1. We’re kind of all over the board right now, but we are shooting for Friday nights. We’re planning on going live at 7 PM Mountain Time and I think we’re going to run with that for a while.

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