Casual Cowards 34.1 – Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2

Pointcast 34.1 – Always Keep a Box Handy.

Let’s have a conversation; Disney Capcom games are generally an awesome, and we’re not going to say that Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2 is a bad game, but we never played this game when we were younger.  That being said, we may dog on this game a little harder than we should have, but we have no nostalgia to tie us to this game.  But hey, we get to play a game about two chipmunks who were modeled after Magnum P.I. and Indiana Jones!  If you are reading this and didn’t know that, you are welcome.  Outside of that, we really didn’t have fun playing this game as this is a really hard game.  We also didn’t even try to play this game outside of our 24 hour gaming marathon.

We want to thank one of our sponsors, Eric L., for turning us on to this game, but we’ll never play this game again.  We had thoughts about playing Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 1, but that will not happen unless someone starts paying us for this nonsense.  We’ll start to take this Pointacst thing seriously in the future, we sware, but until then, enjoy Pointcast 34.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming.

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