Casual Cowards 35.1 – Trials Evolution

Pointcast 35.1 – EXTREME MOUNTAIN DEWING!!!!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play the AWESOMELY EXTREME 2.5D game that is Trials Evolution, or any of of the other Trials games that are out there, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Trials is basically Excite Bike on Mountain Dew.  Not Mountain Dew from the 70s where there was that hillbilly trying to sell you yellow fizzy drink, but the Mountain Dew from the 90s that came equipped with a pair of roller blades and a downhill luge board (anybody remember those things??? They were in the X-Games once.  Seriously, look it up).  Anyway, for a game that has a pretty simplified controls, and a great physics engines, it is a great formula for endless hours of fun… and you can get Trials for 10 bucks on Steam or Xbox Live.  We really didn’t do enough research enough to see if it was on any of the current generation systems, but would you expect anything less from us?

There was some underground, crazy Illuminati-type hidden messages and secret things that one could pick out, if you weren’t getting your bro on listening to the sick soundtrack.  We never picked up on any of it as we were too busy spamming the “B” or “Select” because we missed that last jump… again.  Anyway, if you want to boost your “T-Level” without actually leaving the house, go check out any of the Trials games.  Pop the top of that EXTREME CAN MOUNTAIN DEW, dial up that flat brimmed hat, and enjoy Pointcast 35.1 of the Casual Cowards of Gaming!!!

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